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मेंढक और चूहे की कहानी



मेंढक और चूहे की कहानी

Once upon a time, there was a small pond in a dense forest. A frog lived in it. He was looking for a friend. One day a mouse came out from under a tree near the same reservoir. Seeing the frog sad, the mouse asked him, what is the matter friend, you are looking very sad.

The frog said, ‘I don’t have any friends with whom I can talk a lot. Tell me your happiness and sorrow. On hearing this, the mouse jumped and replied, ‘Hey! From today you consider me as your friend, I will be with you all the time. The frog was very happy after hearing this.

As soon as they became friends, both of them started talking to each other for hours. The frog would come out of the reservoir and sometimes go into the rat’s burrow under the tree, and sometimes both would sit outside the reservoir and talk a lot. The friendship between the two became very deep day by day. The rat and the frog often shared their thoughts with each other. By the way, it happened in the mind of the frog that I often go to the rat’s burrow to talk to him, but the rat never comes to my reservoir. Thinking of this, the frog came up with an idea to bring the mouse into the water.

The cunning frog said to the mouse, ‘Friend, our friendship has become very deep. Now we should do something so that we become aware as soon as we remember each other. And once my leg is tied, then as soon as we remember each other, we will pull it, so that we will know. Agreed.

The frog quickly tied its legs and the tail of the mouse. After this the frog jumped into the water at once. The frog was happy, because his idea worked. At the same time, the condition of the mouse living on the ground worsened in the water. After a while, the mouse died.

The falcon was watching all this while flying in the sky. As soon as he saw the rat swimming in the water, the hawk immediately flew away by pressing it in its mouth. The evil frog was also tied to the mouse, so he too got caught in the falcon’s clutches. The frog did not understand at first what happened? He started thinking, how is he flying in the sky? As soon as he looked up, he was shocked to see the falcon. He started begging God for his life, but along with the mouse, the hawk ate it too.

So children, we learn from this story that those who think of harming others have to suffer themselves. He does what he does. That is why one should not make friends with children, wicked people and should not even get everyone’s yes, but should also use one’s intellect.

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