Arun Jaitley Former Minister of Affairs of India

Arun Jaitley Former Minister of Affairs of India


In 18 days bp ken ko dhobnekta, first sunsamraj and today Arun Jaitley. Chesham August 6, Former Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj’s funding from BJP is still not on the same side.

The BJP was the next most powerful, making the country work faster than it was at the same time when in the 2009 Lok Sabha election, after the election, the BJP did not have any hope in the form of the leader of the opposition.

After that, the leaders of both the 2G, Commonwealth Games, inflation like many others had helped in the heart of the Prime Minister. From many scandals, the Congressmen of the government credit the bosses, and shouted down to him.

Arun Jaitley was from the profession and his prayers in the Parliament were from the big daggers like Abhishek Manusinhavi and Ram Jaithalani. For a long time, their families were jettisoned in their families at AIIMS on August 9 but did not improve their condition. 

PM Modinetwitkar said, ‘Arunjettali political strategy digs they were intellectually and legally strong.

He was a frontman who gave a permanent contribution to India. His money is very sad. His wife’s talk about nationalism and betrothal and personification.

Height ‘ An impressive tribute to Team IndiaHottopics and ANYFLIX.

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