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Four members of an abducted Indian family were discovered dead in California



Four members of an abducted Indian family were discovered dead in California

Jasleen Kaur, Jasdeep Singh, and uncle Amandeep Singh, along with the infant’s parents, were all reported missing on Monday. According to surveillance footage, a man with a gun forced them into the truck.

Indian-born infant, The local sheriff announced on Thursday that a baby who was taken from Merced County in California along with her parents and uncle were discovered dead. The family, who were of Indian descent, vanished on Monday. An adult male, 48, was detained in connection with the case, which so far has been classified as an abduction.

Sheriff Vern Warnke of the Merced County, California, was reported by CNN as saying, “It’s horrible, tragically senseless.” 

The person who is being held was reportedly seen on a surveillance footage. The man could be seen shoving the family into the truck in the video.

The eight-month-old child, her parents Jasleen Kaur and Jasdeep Singh, as well as uncle Amandeep Singh, have been missing since Monday, prompting family members to ask for assistance from the authorities.


According to Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke, the individual in jail was found guilty of armed robbery and false imprisonment in 2005. But it’s unlikely he was alone himself.

Jasdeep and Amandeep were seen arriving at the family truck company nine minutes apart on the video, which is one of the pieces of evidence the police have. Then, a man carrying a trash bag came across Jasdeep. After that, the man appeared to retrieve something from his pocket, according to CNN.

The shooter was then seen escorting Jasdeep and Amandeep while they had their hands bound behind their backs. When the shooter entered the establishment, Jasleen was carrying the baby, and she was taken.

A farmer reportedly discovered two of the victims’ cell phones on a road on Monday, according to the authorities.


The parents of Jasdeep and Amandeep, Dr. Randhir Singh and Kirpal Kaur, come from the Hoshiarpur village of Harsi Pind.



Smriti Kalra on the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill: This signals a change in the period.




Smriti Kalra on the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill: This signals a change in the period.

The recent passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Indian Parliament has been a historic moment, hailed by many as a significant step toward gender equality in politics. Among those celebrating this landmark legislation is actress and activist Smriti Kalra. Her words on this occasion carry weight, as they reflect the hopes and aspirations of countless women who have long waited for their voices to be heard and their presence to be felt in the political arena.

The Women’s Reservation Bill: A Milestone in Indian Politics:

The Women’s Reservation Bill, which seeks to reserve one-third of seats in the Lok Sabha (the lower house of India’s Parliament) and state legislative assemblies for women, has been a topic of discussion and debate for decades. Its passage signifies a monumental shift in the political landscape, promising greater representation for women in decision-making processes at the highest levels of government.


Smriti Kalra: A Voice for Change:

Smriti Kalra is not just a well-known actress but also a fervent advocate for gender equality and women’s rights. Her activism goes beyond the screen, and she has consistently used her platform to highlight issues that affect women and to champion the cause of empowerment.

In response to the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill, Smriti Kalra expressed her sentiments eloquently, saying, “This signals a change in the period.” Her words encapsulate the significance of this moment in history—a change that has been long overdue, a period where women’s voices and perspectives will finally find representation in the highest echelons of power.

The Impact of Increased Women Representation:


The passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill promises to bring about several transformative changes in Indian politics:

  1. Diverse Perspectives: With more women in positions of power, the diversity of voices and perspectives in policymaking will increase. This can lead to more inclusive and comprehensive policies that address the needs of all segments of society.
  2. Inspiration for Future Generations: The increased representation of women in politics will serve as an inspiration for young girls and women across the country. It sends a powerful message that they too can aspire to lead and make a difference.
  3. Addressing Gender-Based Issues: Women legislators are more likely to prioritize and advocate for policies and initiatives that address gender-based discrimination, violence against women, and economic empowerment.
  4. A More Balanced Political Landscape: Achieving gender parity in politics is not just a matter of social justice but also a means to create a more balanced and equitable political landscape.

Smriti Kalra’s words on the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill resonate with the collective hope of a nation. This historic legislation represents a significant step toward achieving gender equality in politics and reaffirms India’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and representative democracy.

As the impact of this change unfolds in the coming years, it is a moment for celebration, reflection, and renewed determination to work toward a future where women’s voices are not just heard but also shape the destiny of the nation. The passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill is not just a change in the period; it’s a beacon of hope for a more equitable and just society.

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