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5 February 2020

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The Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 will be led in a solitary stage on February 8, 2020. The tallying of votes will happen on February 11. The five-year term of the sixth administrative get together of Delhi is planned to lapse on February 22, 2020. The Model Code of Conduct will be executed in Delhi with prompt impact.

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The Chef Master

  25th January 2020 

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Gurugram recently witnessed a gala food carnival crafted to appreciate the culinary skills of its patrons and reveal the talents of the city.

Raising a toast for all, the Home Chefs of the G-Town participated in one of its kind cooking competitions organized by 3Oiseaux and Integra Communication at MAPSKO Royal Ville Club, Sector 82, Gurugram on Jan 25th, 2020.

The participants were judged by special jury including Chef Nitin pal Singh Founder Cook and Bake Academy and Chef Gourav Malhotra from Hotel IBIS.

The event on Saturday was full of food stalls, live dance performances, fun activities, artists and some gourmet delights that engaged the audience. Amidst the huge list of food stalls including different cuisines, the stall that attracted maximum attention of the people displayed Nature Connect’s Mitti cool revolutionary clay products like frying pan with glass lid, earthen pots, lunch box, water bottles , idly cooker, water dispenser etc. People, in huge numbers came and inquired and bought the eco-friendly, handcrafted and 100 % natural products. Present on over 63 cities and 200 + business channels Mitti cool is among India’s largest clay art manufacturers that provides opportunity to small vendors and enterprises.

On the occasion, RJ Divya, the voice behind the famous Maa-Behen ka show on radio city FM 91.1 and Sapna Punni, India Legacy 2019 1st Runner Up were the Guest of Honor. Apart from the same, Suman A Sharma, a Sufi singer enlightened the carnival with their presence.

The audiences were mesmerized by her Sufi and folk music performance while Youtube sensation Mampi Debnath and Abhishek’s performance, Karaoke, fun games/ surprise gifts and mouth-watering food made the event more happening.


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