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Madhuri Dixit looks magical in most beautiful ₹90k pink silk saree



Madhuri Dixit looks magical in most beautiful ₹90k pink silk saree

Actor Madhuri Dixit Nene’s eternal love for all traditional things has brought some magical moments to the fashion industry. From wearing the most beautiful saris to lehengas with intricate swinging designs, the star has worn it all. Now, her latest photo on another beautiful pale pink drape has caused a sensation on the Internet and will definitely make your knees weak.

Madhuri recently posted a few photos of herself on Instagram. She draped herself on a silk saree and looked as gorgeous as usual. The star chose a minimalist aesthetic for the pale pink look, which will definitely inspire your wedding season wardrobe. Six yards of elegance come from the shelves of designer brand Kshitij Jalori. If you want to add Madhuri clothing to your silk saree collection, then we provide you with all the details.

Read on to learn how this actor designed traditional looks and her drape price. The pale pink sarees woven by Madhuri are decorated with exquisite golden brocade and cloth embroidery. She put on a suit in a traditional style to show off the embroidery made on Palu. Look for the Anamika star to pair the saree with the same pale pink half-sleeved shirt, decorated with a U-shaped neckline and golden brocade work.

Madhuri paired the sarees with gold bracelets, matching rings and multi-color chandelier drop earrings with gemstones. The rounded bun in the middle is decorated with white gajra to complete the hairstyle. Exquisite Bindi, shiny skin, rosy cheeks, pink lips, and minimal eye makeup make her glamorous.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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