5 Interesting Ways to Add Carrots to Your Daily Meals!

5 Interesting Ways to Add Carrots to Your Daily Meals!

The first thing that comes to the mind while thinking of Carrots is not the long slender orange vegetable we all know, but Bugs Bunny.

All the midgets from the past century first encountered this strange vegetable through Bugs Bunny. He has been an icon to kids since the 1940s. He was witty smart and loved his carrots.

Carrots have nowadays become a remarkably nourishing diet food. But, there is still an entire category of people, mostly kids who scrunch their noses when it is about eating carrots.

Be it crunchy or sometimes caramelized or rather say creamy, or make it cooked rather– no matter how you like them, we’ve got certain apparent ways to get creative with carrots! Let us show you 5 interesting ways to add this healthy provitamin-A beta-carotene rich veggie to your diets.

  • Soupy Beginnings – Why not put carrots at the beginning of the meal. Start with a bowl of scrumptious carrot soup. The umami flavor of carrots is best felt in a soup. A bowl of bright orange carrot soup with ginger is the best Appetizer or even a plentiful meal in itself.
  • Chips and Fries – Yes, french fries with carrots. Why should potatoes get all the credit when our very own orange vegetable can have a bite too? A fast and easy snack that will be loved by all, kids cause it’s bloody delicious and adults because Carrots pack many nutrients and are carbohydrate FREE (unlike the potatoes).
  • Carrot Noodles– Noodles remain favorite in every house. We can bet your family loves dinner with delish noodles and sides. There are ways to make noodles using carrots.

Orange-it up – This is only for when you make the noodle dough at home. You can always substitute water with Carrot Juice when you knead your dough. This gives the dough an orange hue and adds the nutrients of the Carrots to it.

Noodle the carrot whole – This is for when you want to skip the dough as a whole. Run the carrot through the veggie peeler and slice thin strips or use the spiralizer for thin gluten-free delicious Carrot Noodles.

  • Carrot Juice – The best and the most direct way to consume of add carrots to your diet is juice. This eliminates the hardships of crunching on a hard carrot but nevertheless retains the healthy nutrients that the carrot has to offer.
  • Cake/Muffins – The era of baking is upon us. The bakers and mums at home to are incorporating healthy foods in yummy cakes and muffins. A favorite of most kids is carrot muffins. Easy, delicious and healthy all in one.

These were some of our tips on how to add the Carrots to your diet other than the bland Salad option. Nonetheless, we bet that anyone will love a snack of carrots if it promises superpowers. Try out our tips and don’t forget to comment and let us know which you and your family preferred the most.

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