Bihar Flood:Poisonous snakes in Gopalganj, 60 people killed in a week

Bihar Flood:Poisonous snakes in Gopalganj, 60 people killed in a week

The incidence of snakebite has increased in the district after the floods in Gopalganj in Bihar recently. According to government figures, there have been 36 snakebite incidents in just 6 days. In which four people including two innocent children have died. These government figures have been taken from the emergency ward of Sadar Hospital. On the other hand, if we talk about non-governmental figures, then there have been around 60 cases of snakebite in a week in the district.

Increased incidence of snake bite in the district

Floods have been wreaking havoc in many areas of Gopalganj for nearly two and a half months. According to the information, during this time many poisonous snakes have also come here in the flood waters. Due to these snakes, the incidence of snake bite has also increased continuously in the district. Despite this, the Gopalganj Health Department is not ready to take lessons. There is a lack of antivenum injection of snakebite. Not only PHC, Sadar Hospital also lacks snakebite injection.

Health department does not have antivenum injection

Patients not having this injection have increased difficulty, many times they die or they have to buy the injections from the market at an expensive price. At the same time, it has claimed by the District Health Department that sufficient stock of snakebite will be stocked in the district before the flood. According to the data of the emergency ward of Sadar Hospital, 36 patients have been admitted here for snake bite in 6 days. About 6 patients have succumbed to snakebite every day.

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