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Haryana advocate general to hear criminal contempt plea against Sidhu today



Haryana advocate general to hear criminal contempt plea against Sidhu today

The Attorney General of Haryana will hear a plea of ​​guilt against Navjot Singh Sidhu on Thursday and seek to initiate a contempt suit against the President of the Parliament of Punjab on the grounds that he issued the so-called “No” in a drug case in Punjab. Responsible” tweet.

Last Tuesday, Haryana State Corporation postponed the hearing to November 25. “Part of the debate was heard today, and the case will be heard next Thursday for further debate,” said Parampreet Singh Bajwa, a petitioner and defender at the High Courts of Punjab and Haryana.

The request seeks the attorney-general’s consent to initiate contempt proceedings by the high courts of Punjab and Haryana, which are currently hearing the above-mentioned cases. It was submitted in Haryana rather than Punjab, because the latter’s spokesperson, APS Deol, had resigned at the time.

The petitioner proposed that the cricketer turned into a politician and posted a tweet about the drug case when the High Court accepted the case because of the ongoing litigation. The request stated that because Twitter is a public platform and he has more than 900,000 followers on social media networks, Sidhu’s actions “seriously” interfered with “due judicial procedures.”

Bajwa also attached screenshots of some tweets posted by congressional leaders in his petition. The petition also pointed out that although Sidhu is not even a party to the proceedings in this case, he is using his current position to “create and influence” public opinion.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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