How life changes post COVID-19 recovery

How life changes post COVID-19 recovery

Pulmonology specialist and AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria is at the forefront of anti-Covid treatment in the country. He Said that , reinfection is a reality now and a lot of research is being done to understand it. Edited excerpts of the interview :

What Is Causing Post COVID-19 recovery ?

Covid is a viral infection which we initially thought predominantly involves the lungs. But now we are also seeing a lot of extra pulmonary involvement of various other organs. The initial part of the pandemic was about saving lives. But now we are coming to a stage where the recovery rate is good and a lot of people are going home. In a lot of recovered patients, we are realising post-Covid sequelling and residual illness. This may last for weeks or months; sometimes the damage may be lifelong. Predominant symptoms based on various studies are fatigue, body ache, joint pain, dry persistent cough, which occurs in 50-60% of patients. Also, some are not able to concentrate.

Sometimes there is poor cardiac functioning, too. In a small percentage of people, strokes can occur. Neurological complications have also been reported in some. Many hospitals have started post-Covid clinics and OPDs. We were doing post-Covid care through teleconsultations and OPDs of various departments. But now we are coming up with a facility where patients with multiple problems can be treated at one place.

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