PM Modi “Distorted Congress Manifesto”: P Chidambaram On Farm Bills Row

PM Modi “Distorted Congress Manifesto”: P Chidambaram On Farm Bills Row

Congress MP P Chidambaram hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP spokespersons over the farm bills controversy Saturday morning, accusing them of “maliciously” distorting the party’s 2019 manifesto amid a political row between the ruling party and the opposition on this issue.

Ahead of elections last year the Congress suggested changes to farm laws that would see the Agricultural Market Produce Committees (AMPC) Act abolished – something one of the bills proposed by the Narendra Modi government does and something pointed out by the BJP as it defends those bills.

However, Mr Chidambaram said the Congress would have ensured “multiple accessible markets” for farmers looking to sell their produce before scrapping the APMC Act.

The government has said the bills will help small and marginal farmers by empowering them through written agreements and farmers can sell their produce at competitive prices anywhere in India.

However, farmers fear this means they will no longer be able to sell at a MSP. Massive protests have broken out across Punjab and Haryana as the bills are set to be tabled in the Rajya Sabha Sunday.

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