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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE first impressions: A powerful, everyday device



Samsung Galaxy S21 FE first impressions: A powerful, everyday device

Recently unboxed Samsung’s first phone of the year, the Galaxy S21 FE. The idea is to see what the FE series has to offer this time around. Samsung has checked all the boxes on the list of required specs. So the unknowns are its true performance and the price Samsung has set for it.

Samsung is quick to announce that the base Galaxy S21 FE will be priced at Rs 49,999. An instant comparison with its inspiration – Galaxy S21 – tells you it saves Rs 15,000. So what does it lose? Or, maybe, just maybe, it manages to close the price gap between the two phones?

It’s a mystery that can only be solved by experiencing the Galaxy S21 FE. Having done this over the past week, here’s my take on it. The Galaxy S21 FE is an ultra-thin phone in a compact box. The entire box is as tall as a gaming phone (ROG Phone 5 Ultimate). One look at it and you know you’re about to take apart a very slim and compact phone.

Introduced the Galaxy S21 FE with an absolutely flat front and back. Just the kind of phone you can put on any surface knowing it won’t slip or shake. Although when held in your hand, it ensures that the flat edges don’t bother you. To that end, Samsung has slightly rounded all the edges of the S21 FE.

So the phone is comfortable to hold. The flat back panel fits easily in the palm of your hand, all edges are easy to grip, and it weighs a negligible 177 grams. This is the phone you want to carry and use with you every day.

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