Sangati Foundation Collaboration With mHealth.AI App To Bring A Complete Community Experience ; Tap To Join

Sangati Foundation Collaboration With mHealth.AI App To Bring A Complete Community Experience ; Tap To Join

Recently , Sangati Foundation announced that they are joining hands With mHealth.AI app to bring Public a complete community experience. By this people would be able to consult Doctors, Health, Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition and Psychology experts. Right from the phone.

What Is Sangati Foundation ?

Sangati means togetherness, relevance, harmony. The Sangati series is intended to serve as a foundation course to enrich and supplement the school curriculum. It consists of six interactive learning kits for teachers and children in formal schools and Non-formal Education (NFE) centres. In formal schools, teachers can use it as a foundation course for Classes V – VII. In non-formal schools/groups, it can serve as a post-literacy programme for children between the ages of 10 and 16. Each kit consists of a manual for teachers and a set of visual aids.

Equality, sensitivity, celebration of diversity, concern for the environment, and respect for work and the dignity of labour are some of the fundamental values that are emphasized throughout the Sangati series.

The kits have been designed so that teachers find them easy to use. Each kit is divided into several sessions with step-by-step guidelines, as well as most of the materials required to conduct the session.

However the kit is only a tool; it is the teacher who can bring it to life by conducting the various activities, encouraging discussions, and creating an atmosphere where children feel comfortable about expressing themselves.

AIMS Of Sangati Foundation

  • Provide links between different subjects taught at school
  • Help children integrate all that they learn in school and outside
  • Build children’s self-confidence and develop skills of observation, analysis, articulation and decision making
  • Provide a perspective based on values that emphasize interdependence and the need to live together in harmony

What Is m.Health.AI App ?

mHealth is invite only expert based community platform where people across all age groups can come forward to discuss various ways to make their lives stronger and healthier. mHealth serves as a platform to help user to meet there advisor who can guide them to boost their immunity, improve their physical, psychological and emotional behavior and prevent them from lifestyle-related concerns.

Be part of this community, share stories, ask questions, share good practices and know others. Participate in various upcoming activities to strengthen immune system and improve health

Join This Community

This is an invite only community. So here is a Public Invitation to join Sangati Foundation on mHealth Platform . You can join by downloading the app and follow the steps as given below.

After Downloading ,

• Select Healthy Nation
• Select Sangati Foundation as a channel.
• Enter Sangati – as Referral code

Download m.Health.AI App Now :

Sangati Foundation , foresee immense potential for this model and would keep announcing the activities and options as they open up. Keep interacting with them.

Donate To Sangati Foundation,Paytm on +91 7428769622

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