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(Updated) First spacewalk of 2022 to begin next week: Details Inside



(Updated) First spacewalk of 2022 to begin next week: Details Inside

The first spacewalk of 2022 will begin on the International Space Station (ISS) on January 19 at 7 a.m. ET. Expedition 66 crew members, station chief Anton Shkaplerov and flight engineer Peter Dubrov, will leave the Poisk module in their Russian Orlan spacesuits to configure the station’s two latest module.

The duo will spend about seven hours configuring the Prichal Docking Module and Nauka Multipurpose Lab Module in the vacuum of space. NASA flight engineer Mark Vande Hei will assist them during the spacewalk.

Earlier this week, the two astronauts outfitted a Russian Oran space suit, which they will wear in the vacuum of space as they configure the station’s two newest modules. Live coverage of Russia’s spacewalk will be broadcast at 6 a.m. on NASA TV, the agency’s website and the NASA app.

On the upcoming spacewalk, astronauts will install handrails, a rendezvous antenna, a TV camera and a docking target on Prichal, which automatically docks to the Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory module in November.

Meanwhile, the rest of the space station crew is focused on space physics, life sciences and laboratory maintenance, while the SpaceX cargo Dragon is preparing for its Jan. 21 departure. The spacecraft arrived at the space station with more than 6,500 pounds of new science experiments, crew supplies and station hardware on Dec. 22, and it has been docked at the space-facing docking port of the Harmony module since then.

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