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Ashnoor Kaur on being successful at 17: Never wanted to be part of the industry



Ashnoor Kaur on being successful at 17: Never wanted to be part of the industry

Life is about taking every opportunity that comes your way and turning it around in your favour. You may not always be born with a silver spoon, but you can always believe in yourself and make it big in life. That is what Ashnoor Kaur did, who started working in the television industry at a very young age and today is one of the most adored teen actresses.

During an exclusive interview with Times Now Digital, the young diva opened up about getting success at a very young age. She also spoke about what inspired her to carve a niche in the entertainment industry. “I guess that is the interesting catch here. I never wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. You just never plan. I would just say destiny pulled me towards itself. I am from Delhi and we shifted to Mumbai because of dad’s transfer. It just somehow clicked. We never tried doing anything but there was a common friend between mom and the casting director. She just referred me to her. It just started working out its way,” said Ashnoor.

Even though Ashnoor tasted success pretty early in her career, she did have her share of struggles. The actress reveals that at times she felt left out. “Somewhere or the other, people form a perception about you when you are young. Nahi aise friendship mat karo, she is an actor; she might have attitude, without even talking to you. Then it also gets hectic at times, given the schedule, you have to shoot for 12 hours every day. It gets tiring. But all the love one gets from fans is worth everything,” says Ashnoor.

News Source : TellyChakkar

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