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Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgal evicted, Salman Khan warns ‘show doesn’t run on romance, yours wasn’t even much fun’



Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgal evicted, Salman Khan warns ‘show doesn’t run on romance, yours wasn’t even much fun’

The day after Miesha Iyer was kicked out of the reality show Bigg Boss 15, her boyfriend Ieshaan Sehgal was also selected for the show. The host Salman Khan even told Ishan after announcing the expulsion that he could “go to Misha now.” When he started the episode of Caval on Sunday weekend, Salman Khan asked Ieshaan Sehgaal how he felt since Miesha Iyer was expelled from the show. “Sir, I’m not at all comfortable. How can I? At home, I am the closest to her.

She is not at home now.” Salman then told him in a stern voice, “Kya is looking forward to kar rahe the Ieshaan, kaun jaega? Pichle do hafto se samjha raha tha mai ki aaplog kuch nahi kar rahe. Abhi romantic ke bal ke upar to nahi chalta na ye show bhai I added that with him. Ye bhi nahi ke aap logo ke Romance me kuch aisa fun tha (what else do you expect, Ieshaan? Who will be voted out? I have been telling you for the past two weeks that you have nothing in the house Do.

This show is not about romance. It’s not even that your romance has a lot of fun). You didn’t mix with anyone.” Later, in the show, Salman Khan also told the contestants, “I want to remind everyone, We will not add romantic angles or create battles in the house. If Tejasswi Prakash has a problem with Shamita Shetty, it is her problem, not ours.

If you have an affair with Shamita, it is also yours. We and Sha Mita has nothing to do. No one dictates the terms to you, it’s up to you.” “You stay at home and impress the audience. One of you will win the trophy.

Did we let Miesha and Ieshaan do it yourself? These are useless. We can’t control what you do and how you do it. , What did you say. This is your show. If it succeeds, you will be honored. If not, you will also be blamed. Why do you blame the creative team? The team provides you with tasks and rules, not scripts. Here we are Without a VFX store, we will show something different from what you actually do,” he added.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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