Coronavirus: 86,508 New Cases, 1,129 Deaths In India In Last 24 Hours

Coronavirus: 86,508 New Cases, 1,129 Deaths In India In Last 24 Hours

There is a fear of Coronavirus in more than 180 countries, including India. So far, more than 3.18 crore people have been affected by this infection. This virus has taken the lives of more than 9.76 lakh infected people.

Even in India (Coronavirus India Report), cases of COVID-19 are increasing every day. According to the data released on Thursday morning by the Ministry of Health, the number of corona infected in the country has increased to 57,32,518. In the last 24 hours (from 8 am Wednesday to 8 am Thursday), 86,508 new cases of corona have been reported. During this 87,374 patients were cured.

The number of people recovering from corona on the sixth consecutive day is more than those infected. In 24 hours, 1129 corona infected have also died in the country. A total of 46,74,987 patients have been cured so far. 91,149 people have lost their lives. There are 9,66,382 active cases.

Talking about the recovery rate, it has reached 81.55 percent after a slight increase. The positivity rate is 7.47 percent. On September 23, 11,56,569 corona sample tests were performed. A total of 6,74,36,031 sample tests have been done so far.

So far, 21,11,273 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in September. 19,00,186 people are cured. 26,680 corona patients have died. It is also worth noting that from September 2 till now, there are more than 1000 deaths daily.

Corona patients are coming from almost all the states of the country. There are many states, which were freed from this epidemic, but due to the entry of migrants in the state, they again fell into this infection. The state most affected by Corona is Maharashtra.

News Source: MOHFW

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