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Delhi feels sting with first dengue death



Delhi feels sting with first dengue death

Sarita Vihar reported the first death of dengue fever in these 12 months. A 35-year-old girl went astray due to a vector-borne disease. Although the death was reported on September 26, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) took time to analyze the cause. So far, 723 cases of dengue fever have been reported in the 12 months, of which 243 cases were reported in the previous week and 382 cases were reported this month as of October 16.

In comparison, 395 reports were reported in the last 12 months, and 644 reports were reported in 2019. “The woman was rushed to the Holy Family Hospital on September 20 in the late stage of illness. Her condition deteriorated on the third day of admission and she was transferred to the ICU. She was pronounced dead on September 26,” SDMC said in a press release. The statement added: “The public health department has taken control measures in the neighborhood and checked 426 houses for mosquito breeding. Violations were found in 12 houses. Later, fogging was done in 323 houses, 10 were issued legal notices for lapses and three were challaned.” situation of mosquitoes in 426 houses.Violations were found in 12 houses. Later, atomization treatment was carried out in 323 houses. The house was given a legal notice due to negligence, and three houses were questioned.”

SDMC has issued 45,840 authorization notices and prosecuted 5,218 people. Among the 72 lakh  households inspected during the 12 months, 57,547 mosquito breeding sites were found. A senior SDMC official mentioned that four virus strains are already in circulation. “According to scientists,when two strains circulate together, fatality remains high. This year two strains — type 1 & 2 — are circulating, but things are under control. Also, despite heavy rain and breeding of mosquitoes, there has not been an unexpected hike in cases of vector-borne diseases,” the official added.

As part of health care preparations, our citizenship agency provided additional beds for dengue patients and postponed non-critical surgical procedures. “A 40-bed dengue ward has been created, but as 75 such patients were admitted, they were accommodated in other wards. A surgical ward has been converted into a dengue ward. Elective surgeries have been put on hold,” mentioned a senior physician at Swami Dayanand Hospital in east Delhi.

Last week, there were 15 new cases of malaria, bringing the total to 142. Comparability, 199 cases in 2020, 535 cases in 2019. However, it is reported that one person died of malaria in the last 12 months. In addition, seven types of chikungunya were reported last week, bringing the total to 69, compared to 73 in the last 12 months.

News Source : The Greater India

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