Ensuring mental health of children during covid-19

Ensuring mental health of children during covid-19

As increased measures to stop the spread of Covid have been revealed in the UK, experts warn that Britain’s children and young people had missed out on crucial social interactions due to lockdown, at the expense of their mental health and education.

Professor Tamsin Ford, a child and adolescent psychiatry expert at the University of Cambridge, warned of a spike in mental health problems in young people during lockdown. She said this group was paying the ‘greatest price’ for lockdown measures, despite being least at risk from the disease.

What Does Expert Said ?

Experts have said that schools must stay open because when we think about what’s important to adolescents and young people, it is peer interaction and that’s really essential for their mental health.

Although there have been papers on mental health in response to Covid, few studies have been included as sufficiently rigorous. Those in students suggest an increase in depression and anxiety and a study published in the Lancet in July found reports of mental health problems for those aged 16 to 34 had risen twice as fast by the end of April, compared to those aged 55 and over.

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