Pre-mature Baby Beats COVID-19 In Bengaluru

Pre-mature Baby Beats COVID-19 In Bengaluru

 A 980-gram baby boy who tested corona positive soon after birth and suffered a range of issues associated with premature birth, has successfully recovered from Covid-19 and other health problems. He was discharged on Tuesday. This is possibly one of the lowest birth weight doctors have reported. He was delivered at a private nursing home and owing to extremely low birth weight (ideal birth weight is 2.8 kg to 2.9 kg), he was shifted to Vani Vilas Hospital on August 13.

He was in the paediatric isolation ward and his result came positive five days later, after which he was shifted to the Trauma Care Centre (TCC) in Victoria Hospital. The case was challenging as he suffered a range of issues. Fortunately, he was asymptomatic. “He was treated for Covid-19 and neonatal sepsis (infection). While he was in the TCC, he was given express breast milk.

He had feeding intolerance and was put on antibiotics, IVF and formula. Once he tested negative, he was shifted to the Neonatal ICU in Vani Vilas to be treated for low birth weight,” said Dr Mallesh K, Professor and Head, Department of Paediatrics, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, under which Vani Vilas Hospital and Trauma Care Centre come.

His mother was called to the hospital for breastfeeding and emotional support. Dr Ravichandra, assistant professor, BMCRI, said the baby also suffered from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hypocalcaemia (low calcium levels). “He initially suffered mild respiratory distress and was put on oxygen. Later, he was given standard treatment for low birth weight babies. In the NICU, breast milk and supplements were given,” he said.

At the time of discharge, he weighed 1.2 kg and the parents have been advised on how to breastfeed, appropriate position, frequency, night-time feeds, etc. He will have to be brought for repeated follow-ups to check on overall growth, brain development, eye and ear tests and other factors.

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