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Investing in cryptocurrency? Here are some crypto slang you need to know



Investing in cryptocurrency? Here are some crypto slang you need to know

Cryptocurrency is all the buzz, and with all the attention it has gained, new slang has emerged. The jargon used for internal jokes in the early trading chat rooms of the Discord and Reddit threads is now an important term in the crypto craze.

You might see crypto enthusiasts saying things like this on Twitter, “It’s just a classic case of ‘holding’ your Bitcoin for a long time, ‘pumping and dumping’, Dogecoin is really ‘moon’ and so on,” Novice investors or even experienced hands may find it difficult to understand the meaning of these slang terms, so we decided to compile a list of popular slang terms used in the cryptocurrency world to help those who might not know.

The term “HODL” refers to holding cryptocurrency even after its value collapses. In 2013, a user made a typo “hold” on the Bitcoin talk forum and wrote the word “HODL” in a panic. Some people even interpret this acronym as: “Hold on for my dear life.” , The idea is to hold a position instead of panic selling cryptocurrencies when volatility increases. Interestingly, after the 37% collapse of the cryptocurrency market on May 19, this term is most commonly used.

The decline was triggered by China’s crackdown on the mining and trading of crypto assets. FUD is an acronym that expands to “fear, uncertainty, and doubt.” This is a technique for spreading negative sentiments about cryptocurrency and its future.

The purpose is to spread doubt, fear, and uncertainty in the minds of crypto investors, which may cause the price of a certain currency or the entire cryptocurrency space to fall.

People who spread FUD are called “fudders.” Experts recommend paying attention to unfounded hype, as this will lead to a sell-off and reduce the value of the token, thereby affecting investors.

News Source : The Indian Express

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