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Maharashtra irrigation body concerned over Pune riverfront project



Maharashtra irrigation body concerned over Pune riverfront project

The National Irrigation Department of Pune has issued a letter to the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) warning civic groups to transform the city’s rivers in the context of the planned riverfront development project. The term “future flood” occupies an important place in the letter.

Citizen activists have moved the irrigation department and raised various issues related to the planned river development. In the letter dated October 28, the irrigation department said: “In the name of riverfront development, do not dump materials into the river. When implementing the project, make sure that the water flow is not obstructed. Do not change the flow of the river.” Citizen activists Sarang Yadwadkar, Vivek Velankar and Vijay Kumbhar opposed the river plan.

Yadwadkar said, “PMC general body approved this Rs4,727 crore project, but elected members have discussed it at the general body meeting. The project will affect the entire city.” Velankar said: “Pune is already a flood-affected city. While executing such projects, civic administration and elected members should address the citizens’ objections.

We asked all kinds of questions, but the government claims that consultants will answer these questions. The consultant will fly away after receiving the fee, but the citizens will suffer. If the project is owned by PMC, the administration must answer all questions raised by activists and citizens.”

News Source : Hindustan Times

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