PM Modi Asked These 5 Things From All Indians As A ‘Birthday-Gift’

PM Modi Asked These 5 Things From All Indians As A ‘Birthday-Gift’

September 17 was the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On this occasion, dignitaries from all sections of the country greeted him on his birthday. Apart from politicians, sportspersons, cinema artists, all the countrymen also sent congratulatory messages to PM Modi on his birthday. On the occasion of his birthday late on Thursday, PM Modi has placed a demand for some things from the countrymen.

Late on Thursday, PM Modi tweeted in which he wrote, “Since many have asked, what is it that I want on the occasion of my birthday, then this is what I want now.” Along with this, PM Modi has demanded some things in his tweet.

PM Modi through his tweet has demanded five things from the people of India for a better fight against Corona. First of all he has written that put on a mask and wear it properly. Significantly, the ICMR and Health Ministry have also said many times that new cases of corona in the country are increasing due to the negligence of people wearing masks. This is the reason why PM Modi has also kept this demand from the people of the country on this occasion.

PM Modi’s second demand from the people of the country is, “Follow social distancing. Remember ‘two yards’.” PM Modi’s next demand is, “Avoid crowded places”. It is important to note that as the country is moving ahead in the unlocked phase, people are becoming a bit lazy about the corona. In the morning and evening, crowds are seen in the parks, in the markets also people are seen very near. Perhaps this is the reason why PM Modi once again had to be reminded of social distancing.

PM Modi’s fourth demand from the people of the country is, “Improve your immunity.” The last and fifth demand of PM Modi is, “Let us make our planet healthy”. While asking people to increase their immunity, on the other hand, they are also seeking the promise of environmental protection on the pretext of making the planet healthier.

Along with this, PM Modi has also expressed his gratitude to all for the congratulatory messages from the country and abroad which came on his birthday. In his tweet, he wrote, “I am grateful to everyone who congratulates me. These congratulations give me the power to work and serve my fellow citizens towards betterment of their lives.”

News Source: HindustanTimes

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