Sanjay Raut comes out in support of Jaya Bachchan, Kangana now circles Karan Johar

Sanjay Raut comes out in support of Jaya Bachchan, Kangana now circles Karan Johar

The matter of drugs in Bollywood was heard in Parliament on Monday. On Tuesday, Samajwadi Party MP and actress Jaya Bachchan called it a conspiracy to tarnish the name of Bollywood. Taking a dig at his statement, Kangana Ranaut asked him to have a sense of compassion towards himself. Apart from this, he has also surrounded Karan Johar. At the same time, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has also jumped into this matter. He says that Jaya Bachchan’s statement is absolutely correct.

Raut said that the Bachchan family can reply to the statement made by Kangana Ranaut. He said that for whatever allegations Kangana is making about Shiv Sena leader Aditya Thackeray, he should give evidence to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Home Secretary and agencies.

The Rajya Sabha MP said that those who are raising questions should first have a dope test. If drugs are coming from international routes, then it is the responsibility of the central and central agencies. He said that if there are some bad people in the film world, it does not mean that the entire industry should be maligned.

Taking a dig at Karan Johar, Kangana Ranaut said, ‘The industry is not just created by Karan Johar / his father, from Baba Saheb Phalke to every artist and laborer, the military who saved the boundaries, the leader who made the constitution Have protected, the citizen who bought the ticket and played the role of spectator, the industry has been created by crores of Indians. ‘

Jaya Bachchan said, ‘The film industry provides direct employment to five lakh people daily. People in the entertainment industry are being instigated through social media. People who have made a name in the entertainment world have called it a gutter. I completely disagree with this. I hope that the government will tell such people not to use such language. Just because some people are bad you cannot tarnish the image of the entire industry. I feel ashamed that yesterday one of our members in the Lok Sabha, who is from the film industry, spoke against it. it’s embarrassing.’

Kangana Ranaut tweeted, ‘Jaya ji would you have said the same thing if my daughter Shweta was beaten, drugged or molested as a teenager in my place. Would you have said the same thing if Abhishek would have been constantly complaining of harassment and harassment and was found hanging one day? Show some compassion for us too.’

News Source: Dailyhunt

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