Yoga-Chyawanprash Required For Corona Patients, These 10 Things Special In The New Protocol Of The Ministry Of Health

Yoga-Chyawanprash Required For Corona Patients, These 10 Things Special In The New Protocol Of The Ministry Of Health

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India. In view of the worsening situation of Kovid-19, the Ministry of Health has released the ‘Post Kovid-19 Management Protocol’. Related protocols describe ways to reduce the speed of the virus at the patient’s recovery and community level. In this, information has also been given about many special tips to increase immunity.

  1. Protocols for patients recovering from quarantine at home include many important things. According to the protocol, such patients take special care of the mask, hand wash, and respiratory hygiene. Also, follow the rule of social distancing seriously and drink sufficient amount of hot water.
  2. Drugs of the Ministry of AYUSH can be used to increase immunity. If health permits then household chores should be done regularly. Start office work slowly. During this time people have also been advised to do light exercise.
  3. Apart from this, take care of your health and do yoga, pranayama, and meditation daily. Physicians also recommend breathing exercises in this. According to physical ability, go on a daily morning walk and evening walk.
  4. Balance your nutritious diet. Freshly cooked and soft food can be digested easily. Take special care of adequate sleep and rest too. Do not consume alcohol or smoke. Monitor your health well while at home. Be aware of body temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar (if you have diabetes) and pulse oximetry in particular.
  5. If there is dry cough and sore throat, gargle with salt water and take steam. Use of herbs in water also for taking steam. In cough, take medicine only on the advice of the doctor or qualified practitioner of the Ministry of AYUSH. Note the initial symptoms of corona such as high fever, shortness of breath, chest pain and weakness.
  6. The new protocol also mentions tips to increase immunity. For this, medicines of the Ministry of AYUSH can be used. Drink a cup of Roseanne Ayush decoction in a cup. You can take 1-1 gram sambhanmi vati twice a day. Mix 1-3 grams of Giloy Powder in water and drink it for 15 days. You can take 1 gram ashwagandha or 1-3 gram ashwagandha powder twice a day for 15 days.
  7. If you have a dry cough, take 1-3 grams of liquorice powder twice a day with water. Drink half a teaspoon of turmeric in warm milk in the morning and evening. Mix turmeric and salt in the water to relieve cough. Take one teaspoon (5 mg) of Chyawanprash daily in the morning.
  8. After recovery, share your positive experience with friends and relatives by social media, religious gurus, community leaders and make people aware by removing rumors. Come forward to help self-help groups, civil society organizations and qualified professionals. Take part in the group session of yoga and meditation. During this time, take care of rules like social distancing.

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