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2 medals won for India in Paralympics, know who is Avni Lakhera?

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India has won a gold medal for the first time in the Paralympics game.
Avani Lakhera, 19, who lives in Rajasthan, has won India's first gold medal in shooting with her hard work.
Let us know who is Avani Lakhera and how she has won a gold medal for India, so let's start the video.
Born on 8 November 2001 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, there was a big turning point in Avani's life in 2012. When Avain was 11 years old, she suffered a serious spinal injury in a car accident, after which she was on the wheelchair forever.
However, he never let his weakness come in the way and started concentrating on his studies.
Avani used to focus on studies and her father wanted her to focus on sports as well.
His father told him to try both shooting and archery and then choose one.
After which Avani Lakhera chose shooting. Abhinav Bindra is also one of the reasons for choosing his shooting. Let us tell you that Abhinav Bindra is a leading shooter of India in the Air Rifle Competition. Avani read Abhinav Bindra's biography 'A Shot at History', after which she became more serious towards shooting.
Avani started her shooting training from the Jagatpura Sports Complex in Jaipur in 2015 and a few months later she participated in the Rajasthan State Championship and won gold. Avani had borrowed a rifle from her coach for this championship.
A few months later, Avani won the bronze medal in the national championship. Between 2016 and 2020, Avani won the gold medal 5 times in the National Shooting Championship. In the same year in the Para Shooting World Cup held in UAE, Avani won the silver medal.
Avani had told in an interview, 'In 2015 my father took me to both shooting and archery and I tried both. After holding the rifle for the first time, I felt more involved in shooting.
After Avani won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, Abhinav Bindra congratulated Avani and tweeted, 'Gold hai! India won its first Paralympic gold medal in shooting with the brilliant performance of Avani Lakhera. Very proud! Congratulations!'
Let us tell you that Avani's father Praveen Lakhera is posted in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan. He is an RAS officer in the Revenue Department.
Avani's father Praveen said that this is the result of continuous hard work for months. When he was asked how he was feeling during the match, he said, 'The score was going up and down during the match, due to which the heartbeat was also increasing and there was goose bumps. He told that Avani still has three more events left in the Paralympics. She also told that when she returns to Jaipur, she will be given a grand welcome here.
Hope that more people like Avani will participate in national and international games and bring glory to the country.

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