10 Asian Delicacies To Give You A Festive Spirit

10 Asian Delicacies To Give You A Festive Spirit

The month of October has just begun. The month brings a lot of festivals, and with this, comes the chance of eating and enjoying varieties of food, food that has millions of options and hundreds of tasty dishes to try. So, let us begin with the 10 most well-known Asian dishes to try this festive season.

1. Fish Balls –

The Asian hot dogs alternative is a must-try for everyone this festive season. Fish meat is pressed into balls and deep-fried. It is then served with a bowl of soup and some crisps. Fish balls are generally eaten after being dipped in soya sauce, but you can also have them, clan. Your choice. The aroma of the Fish Balls sold on the streets is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

2. Laksa

A spicy soup found in Singapore is next on our list of delicious foods. Laksa is made with coconut, and the taste gives a sour hint of lemon or citrus fruits. Finally, the soup is served with spicy chilies and some noodles or tofu. This is a treat for the senses and your stomach too.

3. Hainanese Chicken Rice –

Not any chicken rice, but the simple plain Thai chicken rice. This is an everyday dish of boiled rice served with white chicken, eggs, cucumber and a bit of cabbage or kimchee and a bit of broth. But the simplicity is only there to enhance its flavor. When you eat a spoonful of Hainanese Chicken Rice, a truckload of characters hits you all at ones. Don’t believe; try it for yourself.

4. Spring Rolls –

The ever famous Spring Roll is the next delicious Asian dish on our list. Though to be Chinese Spring rolls are Crispy and flaky wraps filled with vegetables, chicken, or even cheese originating in Vietnam. Eaten with soya sauce or even without spring roll (egg rolls in America) is the delicacy of commoners fit for kings.

5. Dim Sum –

You may also know them as Momos; this is a dish famous all around the world. The cheapest and most delicious of Asian Dishes, Dim Sum, is a meal, and a quick eat all in one. They are filled with meat or vegetables and sometimes both. Dim sums are best eaten steamed, but you can also enjoy it, Fried. A bit of oil never hurts anyone.

6. Biryani –

Rice is a staple food for most of Asia. So, it is not a surprise that it is eaten in hundreds of ways in Asia. Indians have paired rice with meat and egg and potato sometimes to make this delicacy. Biryani is a delicacy; everyone should try at least ones this festive season. 

7. Tom Yum –

A Thai treat Tom Yum is a watery bowl of soup. A spicy dish with prawns, fish, vegetables and some meat sometimes Tom Yum is an appetizer. It is not to say that you cannot enjoy a bowl of Tom Yom as your main meal. Yum, isn’t it.

8. Butter Chicken –

The next dish defines North Indian delicacy. Made with enough butter to stop a couple of hearts Butter Chicken should be a top priority on your Festive food list. The chicken is made with butter and red curry and then topped with cream. Punjabi Butter Chicken is a must-try this Festive season.

9. Sushi –

The Japanese gave the world Sushi, and you must try it this festive season. Dipping well-made Sushi in soya sauce or topping it with a Horseradish paste is heavenly. Only the drawback of Sushi is it needs chopsticks to be enjoyed. But still, Sushi is a must-try for all.

10. Golgappe –

As an Indian and he will say Golgappes is a small burst of delicious heavens. Little puffed crisps filled with potato and onion mix, and then dipped in tangy tamarind water, Golgappe’s will give you the feeling of Heaven here on Earth.

So, these are the top 10 Asian Dishes you must try this Festive season. Go fast, or you may have to stand eons to eat even one of them. Happy Eating !!

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