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9 apps you should not use while registering for Covid vaccine



As the vaccination program is going on in full swing across India to avoid corona, fraudsters are looking for new ways to cheat innocent citizens.

Since the entire vaccination campaign is digital, you only need to register for it through the Aarogya Setu app or the CoWin website.

However, taking advantage of the increased demand and short supply of the vaccine, scammers are tempted to register on the fake COVID Vaccine app with the intention of stealing online banking login details and other personal details of citizens.

Here we are telling you about 9 such fake apps, which you do not have to use even by mistake while registering for Covid Vaccine.

  1. “Vaci__Regis.apk” is a fake COVID vaccine app that is spreading through SMS. “Vaci__Regis.apk” is a malware designed to trick people into believing they are registering for a vaccine. This app is spreading through SMS and WhatsApp messages. Users are asked to click on a link to download the APK file to use the app.
  2. “Covid-19.apk” for android phone. Covid-19.apk is a fake covid vaccine app targeting Android phones. It is malware designed to steal the personal data of users who install the app.
  3. There is also a web app and website with the link ““. Do not open a website for vaccine registration with the URL “”, it is fake. This app and website are made to steal personal data.
  4. Do not download any app with the URL “”. Delhi Police is alerting citizens to beware of such fake Cowin websites having URL “”. This is another fake website and installs malware on your phone.
  5. There is a website “” which instructs you to download a fake vaccine app. Another fake vaccine registration website that you should avoid is the URL “”. This link can also direct you to download the APK file.
  6. “MyVaccin_v2.apk” is a fake vaccine booking app. “MyVaccin_v2.apk” app is a fake vaccine booking app that is spreading through android phones.
  7. “Cov-Regis.apk” is another fake vaccine app that you should stay away from. “Cov-Regis.apk” is a phishing app masquerading as a vaccine registration website.
  8. “Vaccine-Apply.apk” is a Fake COVID Vaccine App that is spreading through SMS
  9. Do not click on any shortened URL like “” to book COVID Vaccine. Fake short URL “” for vaccine registration.

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