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Social media companies to shut fake a/cs within 24 hours of complaint



Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube will now be able to ban fake profiles of famous personalities, influential people or famous businessmen and even the common man.

The central government has made it mandatory for social media companies to shut down fake profiles within 24 hours of a complaint under new IT rules.

The central government says that this step is part of the new IT rules. Therefore, social media officials will have to act immediately after receiving a complaint to this effect.

There is a big problem of fake profiles of famous personalities, influencers or famous businessmen on social media platforms. There can be different reasons behind creating such a fake account.

These can range from pure-play parody accounts to accounts created to commit mischief or crime or to commit financial fraud. Some such accounts are also created by fans of popular celebrities. At the same time, some are also run through bots.

News Source: TimesOfIndia

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