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BMC invites bids for clearing hyacinths from Powai Lake




The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has floated a tender worth Rs 16.45 crore for removal of hyacinth from Powai Lake in Mumbai.

Powai Lake is an artificial lake in the Powai Valley in Mumbai. Hyacinth plants grow in water bodies that have high capture of sewage waste. It covers the surface of the reservoir and makes it difficult for the sun’s rays to reach the marine life. Hyacinth removes oxygen from water bodies and this results in the death of fish and other aquatic animals.

Currently, the hyacinth covers about 25% of the lake, and is to be reduced by 10%. Other floating vegetation, material and garbage will be cleaned from the hyacinth using an amphibious machine or harvester and disposed of at the site specified by the BMC.

Ajay Rathod, BMC’s chief engineer, hydraulics department, told the media that they have floated the tender and the cleaning process is to be completed within six months. The last tender was submitted by him four years back.

News Source: ConstructionWorld

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