“Cushioned Sofas”: Minister Hardeep Puri On Rahul Gandhi’s Tractor Rally

“Cushioned Sofas”: Minister Hardeep Puri On Rahul Gandhi’s Tractor Rally

Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi today over images that showed the Congress leader sitting on what appear to be cushioned seats on a tractor during a rally in Punjab to protest against the centre’s controversial farm laws.

Mr Puri, who is the Civil Aviation Minister, tweeted “cushioned sofas on tractors is not a protest” and repeated the BJP line – that the Congress’s “protest” is an attempt to “misguide our farmers”.

“The ‘protest’ launched by the Congress is a political protest by those whose vested interests are hurt by the farm bills. Cushioned sofas on tractors is not a protest… it is ‘protest tourism’ to misguide our farmers, who are educated and intelligent enough to see through this façade,” Mr Puri tweeted.

Meanwhile, in another tweet earlier today Mr Puri also took a swipe at the Congress over the burning of a tractor near India Gate in central Delhi last week during a farm laws protest, for which the Punjab Youth Congress took responsibility.

“When informed criticism hits the target, attempts are made to shoot the messenger. Anybody who knows our farmers will know that farmers who toil on their land will never burn their tractor. The tractor was not burnt by farmers, it was burnt by Congressi goons,” he said.

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