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Delhi govt to submit proposal on lockdown to SC today to tackle air pollution



Delhi govt to submit proposal on lockdown to SC today to tackle air pollution

In view of the increasing air pollution in the capital, Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government will submit a proposal to the Supreme Court on Monday to implement the blockade and how it will be implemented. A few days ago, the Supreme Court asked the central and city governments to take immediate measures to improve Delhi’s air quality and recommended measures such as stopping vehicles and imposing a blockade in the capital.

With the advent of winter, Delhi’s air quality has dropped to dangerous levels every year due to straw burning, traffic emissions, emissions from coal-fired power plants and other industries outside the city, and open burning of garbage and dust. According to data from the Federal Pollution Control Commission, this year, the air quality index (AQI) of the city and its surrounding areas has deteriorated to 470-499, with a level of 500.

This level of pollution means that the air will severely affect people with existing diseases, even those with healthier lungs. As the situation continues to be severe, the AAP government ordered the closure of schools until November 20, and asked all government offices in Delhi to start from home, starting on Monday.

It also bans construction activities until November 17. “In the order issued by the department late on Saturday night, we have clarified that those schools or educational institutions that have already conducted examinations will remain open. All other educational institutions will be closed until November 20,” Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai (Gopal Rai) said on Sunday that the department issued a notice of effective implementation of emergency measures.

The AAP government also proposed to shut down diesel generator sets and coal mines in Delhi, increase parking fees, and increase the frequency of subways and buses to reduce pollution. Rai also stated that the main motivation behind all these emergency measures is to reduce vehicle and dust pollution in the city.

At the same time, under containment measures, 400 tankers will be sprinkled with water to remove dust. The government will complete the decomposition of 4,000 acres of straw sprayed with biodegradants before November 20.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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