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Experts have criticized Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas for being a poor film, comparing it to Top Gun.



Experts have criticized Kangana Ranaut’s Tejas for being a poor film, comparing it to Top Gun.

Kangana Ranaut’s “Tejas”: A Critical Analysis in Comparison to “Top Gun”


Bollywood’s versatile actress Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold and fearless choices when it comes to film roles. Her latest venture, “Tejas,” a movie in which she plays the role of a fearless fighter pilot, has stirred up quite a buzz among both her fans and critics. However, the movie has received mixed reviews, with some critics drawing comparisons to the iconic Hollywood blockbuster “Top Gun.” In this blog post, we will critically analyze “Tejas” and its comparison to “Top Gun.”

The Hype Surrounding “Tejas”:


Before delving into the criticisms, it’s essential to acknowledge the excitement that “Tejas” generated. Kangana Ranaut’s choice to take on the role of a fighter pilot, a character rarely explored in Bollywood, was commendable. Her commitment to training and the film’s promotion had the audience’s expectations soaring.

Critics and the “Top Gun” Comparison:

One of the most significant points of contention regarding “Tejas” is the comparison to “Top Gun.” “Top Gun,” released in 1986 and starring Tom Cruise, is an iconic film in the action and aviation genre. Critics who have compared “Tejas” to “Top Gun” have done so with mixed intent. While some view this as a compliment, others see it as a criticism.

Strengths of “Tejas”:

  • Kangana Ranaut’s Performance: Kangana Ranaut’s dedication to her role as a fighter pilot in “Tejas” shines through. Her portrayal of a strong, independent woman in the military is convincing and praiseworthy.
  • Patriotic Themes: “Tejas” doesn’t shy away from exploring patriotic themes, showcasing the dedication and sacrifices of Indian Air Force officers.
  • Aviation Action: The film delivers impressive aerial combat sequences and action scenes, capturing the thrill of fighter jet maneuvers.

Areas of Critique:

  • Plot and Originality: Critics argue that “Tejas” could have pushed the envelope further in terms of its storyline and originality. Some found the plot predictable and formulaic.
  • Comparison to “Top Gun”: Drawing parallels to “Top Gun” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some critics suggest that “Tejas” lacks the iconic status and depth that “Top Gun” achieved.
  • Pacing: A few reviewers noted pacing issues in the film, feeling that it could have been tighter in certain places.


“Tejas” marks an ambitious venture in Indian cinema. While it has its strengths, such as Kangana Ranaut’s strong performance and its celebration of patriotism, the comparisons to “Top Gun” have drawn both praise and criticism. Ultimately, opinions on the film may vary, as it attempts to carve its own niche in a genre with global icons like “Top Gun.” The critical feedback should be seen as an opportunity for Bollywood to further explore and innovate in this genre, rather than as a detriment to “Tejas” itself.

Whether you find “Tejas” to be an exhilarating tribute to the Indian Air Force or a film that falls short of the “Top Gun” legacy, it’s evident that Kangana Ranaut’s dedication to her roles continues to be a driving force in the Indian film industry.

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