Government Computers Hacked; Found Traces From Bengaluru

Government Computers Hacked; Found Traces From Bengaluru

omputers containing data relating to national security and VVIPs like Prime Minister Narendra Modi were compromised in early September after a major security breach was recorded at the NIC (National Informatics Centre), Delhi Police sources have said.
The computers broken into also stored data relating to National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Indian citizens and senior government functionaries.

The NIC sets up and maintains information and communication technology and security for the government.

Delhi Police’s Special Cell filed a case immediately after the attack, which is believed to have originated from a firm in Bengaluru.

According to sources the attack began with the receipt of an e-mail to NIC employees. When a link provided in that e-mail was clicked, data stored on that machine became compromised and computer systems were affected. Sources also said the original e-mail came from a United States company based in Bengaluru (the e-mail’s IP address originated there). Further investigations are ongoing, the sources said.

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