How Will The Pandemic Ends?Raised Some Possibilities

How Will The Pandemic Ends?Raised Some Possibilities

We are inching closer to the tenth month of the pandemic and there seems to be no respite from the highly infectious contagion which is ravaging the world. As of now, the number of coronavirus cases has crossed the 30 million mark across the world and has already resulted in 9,56,881 deaths.

What first emerged as a pneumonia-like illness in Wuhan, China in December 2019, has engulfed 213 nations across the globe. While scientists and medical experts around the world have been working at breakneck speed to launch a vaccine to contain the spread of COVID-19, there is one question that everyone has– how will the pandemic end?


How will the pandemic end?

There isn’t an exact answer to the question, even when throughout the course of history, several pandemics and epidemics have plagued humanity. However, theoretically, there are two scenarios which may mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic. The first one being a medical ending and the other option is the social ending. The medical elimination of the pandemic stems from the development of an effective and safe vaccine for the novel coronavirus and following the social protocols strictly.


How will we reach the medical ending of the pandemic?

As of now, more than 165 vaccine candidates are currently in different stages of preclinical and clinical trials and more than 33 of them have reached the critical last leg of human trials. The good news is that even if the vaccine is not completely effective (given the accelerated timeline of its development), it will still be effective in controlling the spread of the pandemic.

We may not be able to end it, but we can slow it down…

According to health experts, there is no one way of ending the pandemic in sight, instead, we need to bring the focus on controlling the spread of the disease. It can only be achieved through a degree of herd immunity, following the social distancing norms and a safe and effective vaccine. The combination of all three measures will help in slowing down the spread of the disease.

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