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iPhone SE 3: The 6 most important features rumored for Apple’s phone



iPhone SE 3: The 6 most important features rumored for Apple’s phone

The iPhone SE 3 is widely expected to be Apple’s next version of the phone, as Apple looks to update the cheapest iPhone you can buy with some new features that are notably missing from the current version.

The current iPhone SE is only a few months away from its second birthday, and the interval between updates seems relatively short, especially since it’s been four years since Apple launched the 2020 version from the original iPhone SE. But trust us — if the low-cost iPhone is going to retain its appeal, it would make sense for Apple to roll out the update sooner.

Apple watchers expect the iPhone SE 3 could debut in March or April. When it does, expect these features to appear on the spec sheets of the new iPhones. Frankly, that’s probably why we’re getting the iPhone SE update now. When the iPhone SE 2020 arrived, 5G networks had been around for less than a year, and in most cases, speeds were only marginally faster than LTE. Over the next two years, 5G spread rapidly across the country. T-Mobile’s nationwide network now reaches 308 million people, 200 million of whom have access to the carrier’s fastest super-capacity 5G speeds. By the time the iPhone SE 3 is rumored to be released, AT&T and Verizon will be switching to an extension of 5G based on the C-band spectrum, offering faster speeds to more customers.

In Apple’s current lineup, the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 are the only phones that lack 5G support. These also happen to be the two cheapest phones Apple has to offer. Meanwhile, Android phone makers have been adding 5G connectivity to devices priced under $500. Our list of the best 5G phones includes several low-cost models.

Apple has embraced low-cost options in its smartphones as it extends the company’s appeal beyond high-end smartphones. (It also helps Apple’s overseas business in countries where people are reluctant to pay a premium price for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.) For the iPhone SE to continue to be an attractive option for bargain hunters, the phone must support 5G.

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