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Lightweight Aluminium Train Coaches Will Be Introduced By Indian Railways In 2022

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Lightweight Aluminium Train Coaches Will Be Introduced By Indian Railways In 2022
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In today’s time, we all know that all the trains run by Indian Railways use steel in large quantities to make the coaches of all the trains.

Due to the use of steel, the engine that generates energy is used to increase or run the speed of the train. Indian Railways has decided to manufacture Aluminium coaches in order to save resources with less energy usage and faster speed. The use of aluminum coaches can significantly reduce the weight of the train and also eliminate the need for high-power engines. Let us tell you that Indian Railways is not doing this work itself, but MCF i.e. Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli has signed a deal worth Rs. 128 crore with South Korean company Dawonsys for this project. It is believed that Indian Railways may get the first batch of aluminum coaches in February 2022. A railway official said that its first consignment will be ready early next year and its three coaches will be given to Kolkata Metro first. After this, the Railways will get these coaches for premium trains of Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express style. Though the project has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the design for the metro coach is likely to be finalized by the end of this month. Officials said that the South Korean company will share the design soon. After getting approval from MCF, they will be made in South Korea and then brought to India in knockdown condition. Talking about some specifications of this train, this train will have two driver motor cars and one trailer coach in 3 standard gauge metro coaches, whose speed can be up to 100 kmph. There is also a provision for making 8 broad gauge locomotive hold coaches in this contract. These include 3 AC-3 Tier Sleeper Coach, 2 AC-2 Tier Sleepers, 1 AC-1 Sleeper, 1 AC Hot Buffet Car and Driver/Guard Cabin. Like Rajdhani trains, the speed of these sleeper coaches will be up to 160 kmph. Out of these 8 coaches, 4 will come in fully assembled condition and rest will be assembled here. According to the deal, officials of the South Korean company will train MCF officials for this. Apart from this, a design will also be given for self-propelled aluminum coaches. Their speed will be up to 225 kmph. This will help MCF to produce Shatabdi style coaches. This will help the Railways to connect major cities of the country with chair car train services. There are many advantages of replacing steel coach with aluminum coach such as fuel efficiency, no rust in the train and providing service for more than 40 years. With the modular interior, components can be easily removed and revamped. Due to its lightweight, its speed can be increased easily. Due to the innovative design, it is expected to cause least damage in an accident. Also, it takes less time to make this coach, which increases the efficiency of production. Let us tell you that this coach is being made from the metal used to make airplanes. Railway Board has given approval to manufacture 500 aluminum coaches in MCF after the necessary infrastructure is ready. The new aluminum coaches will be more comfortable and safer than the Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express coaches.

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