Manu Sharma Released From Jail After 17 Years, Know Important Facts Related To Jessica Lal Murder Case

Manu Sharma Released From Jail After 17 Years, Know Important Facts Related To Jessica Lal Murder Case

Siddharth Vashisht alias Manu Sharma, who is serving life imprisonment in Tihar Jail in the capital Delhi’s famous model Jessica Lal, has been released on June 1 night. Manu Sharma, son of former Haryana minister Vinod Sharma, has served 17 years in the Jessica Lal murder case. He was in an open prison for almost a quarter of a year.

Apart from Manu Sharma, there are 17 convicts who have been released prematurely. It was decided to release these prisoners at a meeting of the Sentencing Review Board (SRB). Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal had approved the order for premature release of these convicts.

After this, he kept coming out on parole in between. By now he had already served a 17-year sentence, but imposing remission (exemption), he has served a sentence of about 23 years and four months. He was transferred to the Open Jail about a year and a half ago. Those prisoners are sent to the open prison, whose sentence is to be completed. He can go out of jail in the morning and come back to jail in the evening.

Tihar Jail DG Sandeep Goyal said that Manu Sharma has been released on June 1. Apart from this, there are 17 more prisoners who are being released prematurely. Everyone is being released one by one.

Facts Related To Jessica Lal Murder Case:

On the night of 29 April 1999, Jessica Lal was shot dead while refusing to serve alcohol during a party at Tamarind Court Restaurant in South Delhi. Jessica Lal started modeling to cover household expenses. She worked as a part time in a pub in Delhi, where she was murdered.

Manu surrendered before a Chandigarh court on 6 May 1999 after the FIR was registered and the media made headlines. On August 3, 1999, a charge sheet was filed against the accused in the Jessica Lal murder case under various sections of the IPC. Later the magistrate court handed over the case to the sessions court. While one witness Malini Ramani had identified Manu Sharma, later restaurant and bar mistress Bina Ramani also identified Manu.

The trial court acquitted Manu Sharma for lack of evidence. Delhi Police filed an appeal against this decision in the Delhi High Court in the year 2006. On 18 December 2006, the High Court convicted Manu Sharma and on 20 December 2006, the High Court sentenced Manu Sharma to life imprisonment of 50 thousand. Was fined Rs.

This decision of the Delhi High Court was challenged in the Supreme Court on 2 February 2007 by Manu Sharma. The Supreme Court upheld Manu’s life sentence on April 19, 2010 after a hearing that lasted for more than three years.

It is known that Sabrina Lal, the younger sister of Jessica Lal, fought a long legal battle in getting Manu Sharma sentenced. Sabrina’s forgiveness statement has played an important role in Manu’s release as well. In the year 2018, Sabrina Lal said that she has forgiven Manu Sharma, and if she is released she will have no objection.

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