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भक्त प्रह्लाद और होली | Holi Full Story For Kids

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Once upon a time there was a king whose name was Hiranyakaship. Hiranyakaship had obtained this boon by his worship and penance. That he shall not be killed by man or beast, day or night, inside or outside, above or on the ground, anywhere. After this boon, King Hiranyakaship became proud and said that only he should be worshiped and not God. The same king had a son, whose name was Prahlad, who worshiped Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakaship was very angry with his son. He wanted that his son should also worship him and not any god. Even after many efforts, the king could not stop his son Prahlad from worshiping Lord Vishnu. One day the king and his sister Holika made a plan together. Together they organized a big yagya one day in the evening. The king’s sister Holika had got a magical sardine in the boon, which she could not burn by wearing it. According to the plan, Holika sat in the yagna and took Prahlad on her lap. Holika put on her magic sardine and on the other hand Prahlad started chanting the name of Lord Vishnu. But Holika got burnt in that fire, on the other hand Prahlad was saved safely. It is said that after this Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of half man and half lion and killed Hiranyakaship, and that is how good triumphed over evil. Children, this story teaches us that we should never be proud. No matter how powerful the evil may be, in the end the victory is always for the good, so we should always trust in God. And to remind the victory of good over this evil, Holika Dahan is done every year and Holi is celebrated on the next day. So children, Happy Holi to you too, and yes….. don’t play Holi with chemical colours.

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