September Month Recorded As The Hottest Month In Last 5 Years

September Month Recorded As The Hottest Month In Last 5 Years

The month of September is increasing humidity and heat in the country’s capital Delhi. On Sunday, September 20, the maximum temperature in Delhi was recorded at 36.1 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature for the month of September in the last five years. People were disturbed due to the hot sun and humid summer. According to the India Meteorological Center, the highest temperature in September was on Sunday, due to which the heat and humidity have increased.

According to IMD, in the last 5 years, the days of high rainfall and low average temperatures have been recorded in September. This month the temperature in the capital has increased due to less rainy days and dry winds, with the average maximum temperature recorded in September being the highest in five years. On Sunday, the daytime temperature in the city was 36.8 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal for the month.

According to data from the Safdarjung Observatory of the Meteorological Department of India (IMD), the average maximum temperature for 20 days so far this month has been 36.1 degrees and the number of days of rain was three. In the past years, September has recorded more rainy days and lower average temperatures. Last year, the average was 35.1 degrees Celsius with six days of rain.

In September 2018, the average was 32.7 degrees Celsius with 14 days of rain. In 2017, with seven rainy days, the average temperature was 34.5 ° C, and in 2016, it was 35 ° C with three days of rain. Only in September 2015, the city became as hot as it currently is, when the average temperature reached 36.1 degrees Celsius with two days of rain.

According to the media report, Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD’s regional weather forecasting center in Delhi, said that there will be some relief around September 22-23. Here light rain may cause the mercury to fall by one or two degrees, but after that, it will increase again. Srivastava said that at present there are dry winds from Northwest India.

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