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Shatrughan gets emotional as he talks about Sonakshi, Ranveer touches his feet



Shatrughan gets emotional as he talks about Sonakshi, Ranveer touches his feet

Shatrughan Sinha and Sonakshi Sinha will join host Ranveer Singh on The Big Picture this weekend. A promo for the show, shared on Instagram by Colors, showed a mix of fun and emotional moments.

The video begins with Shatrughan dancing on stage, shocking Sonakshi. “Ranveer Singh ko dekh ke logon ko kya ho jaata hai (what happens when people see Ranveer Singh)? What is this, man? It’s the first time I’ve seen him dance like this,” she said. Shatrughan replied, “Bohot jaan hai abhi (I’m still full of energy).”

Shatrughan talks about his signature line “Khamosh (shut up)” and how he gets requests to say it wherever he goes. Sonakshi said he named Ranveer when someone asked him who he wanted to see play him in the biopic.

Ranveer gave an ‘audition’ on stage, recreating one of Shatrughan’s lines, as Sonakshi declared that he has ‘passed’.

Shatrughan is emotional when he talks about watching Sonakshi on the big screen for the first time. He said that after going to the cinema to watch her debut film “Dabangg” after many years, he felt that “a star was born”. “Ab jo hai stardom aur glamor kahin leke na chala jaaye, maa-baap se door na kar de’ (now I hope she doesn’t get carried away by stardom and glamour and stay away from her parents),” he said. She gave him a hug and said that it would never be the case. He fought back tears as he said that it was a ‘proud moment’ for him.

Later, Shatrughan sang Sharbati Teri Aankhon Ki from his film Blackmail. Sonakshi danced with Ranveer to a medley of her songs, including Gandi Baat, Dhadang Dhang and Chinta Ta.

Complete News Source : Hindustan Times

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