Trump Said, Biden Family Will Sell The Country To China, Accused Of Obstructing Efforts To Get Vaccine

Trump Said, Biden Family Will Sell The Country To China, Accused Of Obstructing Efforts To Get Vaccine

US President Donald Trump’s attacks on leading Democrat candidate Joe Biden in all election surveys are getting sharper. Trump said that Biden is weak about China and that the Biden family is ‘selling’ our country directly to the Chinese military. He even went on to say that if Biden ever wins the election, China will own America. Trump was meeting with reporters at the White House.

Trump said, “Biden is weak in China.” Yesterday it was learned that an American company was involved in making possible the sale of a large Chinese military defense contractor to the auto parts manufacturer of Michigan. It is the same company, partly owned by Biden’s son Hunter. Hunter Biden owns ten percent of Shanghai private equity firm Bohai Harvest RST. ‘

Trump also wrapped journalists. He said- you are not reporting financial transactions related to Michigan. You do not want to write about it. Do you want to write Biden sold Michigan jobs to China throughout his career. The President said that now the Biden family is selling our country directly to the Chinese Army. Now suddenly he is selling Michigan companies to China. He alleged that the Chinese army got American manufacturing jobs and the Biden family took money instead.

The US President also alleged that Biden was obstructing the way of bringing the Corona vaccine. Biden has launched a public campaign against the vaccine. This is very wrong, because many of our vaccines are excellent. Biden is risking other people’s lives for electoral gains. He alleged that while Vice President Biden did not understand that swine flu was very deadly.

Vice Presidential Democrat candidate Kamala Harris said Trump deliberately misled the American people over the Corona virus. Referring to a new book ‘Rage’ by US investigative journalist Bob Woodward during a virtual fundraising event, Harris said Trump kept lying about Corona, fearing that he would be harmed if the truth came out. Trump did not cause the virus, but he was unable to fulfill his duty. Especially in moments of crisis, it is the responsibility of the leader not only to save us, but also to tell the truth. Trump did not do this. It is unforgivable for a president.

News Source: EconomicTimes

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