Vastu Tips: According To Vastu, This Should Be A Mirror Place In The House

Mirrors are our daily needs. Many people wake up in the morning and first see their face in the mirror. But apart from grooming, the mirror kept in the house also affects our lives in many ways. According to Vastu Shastra, if the mirror is not placed in the right direction in the house then it can also have a negative effect on our life.

The mirror should always be placed on the east or north wall in such a way that the face of the beholder is towards the east or north. Because the mirrors on the south or west walls reflect the energy coming from the opposite directions.

  1. Putting a mirror in front of the door in the bedroom is considered auspicious. The mirror should be big in size but light in weight.
  2. But it should not happen that more than one glass should be mixed and used as a big glass. Because by doing this the body will look fragmented, which is not correct according to Vastu.
  3. The mirror should not be broken, peaked, chopped, blurred, or dirty and no reflection, wavy or zigzagged in it.
  4. A mirror that does not show our face properly affects our aura. Long-term use of such a mirror produces negative energy.
  5. The mirror should not be in the sleeping room or the mirror should be covered with a cloth or curtain before sleeping.
  6. If you use a round mirror to see your face, then it is very beneficial.

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