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Apple to fix issue with ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature on iPhone 13



Apple to fix issue with ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ feature on iPhone 13

Apple has acknowledged a problem that the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature may not be applicable to its new iPhone 13 devices, and promised to resolve this issue through an upcoming software update. “If you try to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, you may see “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch,” or you may not be able to use Apple Watch settings to unlock,” the iPhone manufacturer said in a support document. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming software update. Before the update is available, you can turn off Apple Watch Unlock and use your passcode to unlock your iPhone 13. To turn off Apple Watch unlocking, go to “Settings”> “Face ID and Password.” Earlier, multiple users discovered that they could not use Apple Watch to unlock iPhone 13 and instead received an error message. The user Monzilla88 on Reddit first reported this issue to subreddit r/AppleWatch. They stated that their iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch SE are the latest iOS and watchOS updates. “Whenever I try to enable unlocking with Apple Watch on my phone, I get an error message saying “Cannot communicate with Apple Watch,” they posted. According to the report, Monzilla88 claimed that they had tried to unpair and repair, hard reset the two devices, and turn on and off the password, but to no avail. More than 20 other users self-reported the same problem. Others pointed out that the feature worked well on iOS 15 on older iPhones, including iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone X.

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