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Avoid showing violence, vulgarity, obscenity: VP Naidu to filmmakers



Avoid showing violence, vulgarity, obscenity: VP Naidu to filmmakers

On Monday, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu called on filmmakers to avoid portraying violence, “vulgarity and obscenity” in films. At the 67th National Film Awards Ceremony, he said that “film should be a carrier with a higher goal-a carrier of social, moral and ethical information.” M Venkaiah Naidu said that the film must avoid “prominent violence” and should “express society’s dissatisfaction with social crimes.”

He added that a good film should have the power to touch people’s hearts and urge filmmakers and artists to use this medium to improve society and the country. “In addition to entertainment, movies also have the power to provide enlightenment,” he said. M Venkaiah Naidu added, “Movies should usher in positivity and joy, not just simple entertainment.” The Vice President advised the film industry not to do anything that “weakens the great culture, traditions, values ​​and spirit of our great civilization.” M Venkaiah Naidu talked about India’s soft power as the world’s largest film producer, adding that Indian films are watched all over the world.

“Film is one of our most important cultural output, a key link that connects the global Indian community with the pace of life in our hometown,” he said. The Vice President of India added that since the films produced in the country have audiences all over the world, they should portray “Indians” and need to be ambassadors for cultural diplomacy.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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