Chinese President Jinping’s future in danger due to the outbreak on LAC: report

Chinese President Jinping’s future in danger due to the outbreak on LAC: report

There is a big disclosure about Chinese President Xi Jinping. A report claimed that the incident of infiltration on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has jeopardized Jinping’s future. This report states that China’s failure to push Indian troops back on the LAC shows Jinping’s deteriorating ability to decline.

An article written by Gordon G. Chang, a lawyer and commentator in Newsweek magazine, said the Chinese president’s future has been jeopardized by the unsuccessful incursions of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into the LAC’s territories.

Chang wrote, Jinping was the architect of these aggressive moves against India, but the Chinese troops flopped unexpectedly to succeed Jinping’s intentions. The Chinese military’s failures on the LAC will have far-reaching consequences, and Jinping will now replace his loyalists in the armed forces.

The important point here is that due to this failure, Chinese ruler Xi Jinping will be agitated to take another aggressive step against India. It is worth noting that Jinping is also the chairman of the Central Military Commission of the party and the leader of the PLA.

China’s troops advanced south of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in early May. LAC is a temporary border between the two largest countries in Asia in three different areas in Ladakh. The border is not fixed here and hence the PLA keeps penetrating the Indian border. Infiltration here has increased since Xi Jinping became General Secretary of the party in 2012.

Cleo Pascal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told Newsweek that China’s frequent maneuvers in the autonomous region of Tibet are preparations to sneak into the region.

At the same time, India was stunned by the intrusion of China into the Galvan Valley on 15 June. It was a well thought out move and 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a skirmish with Chinese soldiers. It was the first clash between the world’s two most populous countries in the last 45 years.

The US intelligence report stated that 43 Chinese soldiers were killed in the incident. At the same time, Pascal said that this figure could be more than 60. Indian soldiers fought bravely. On the other hand, China has not described the damage done to itself.

Xi has shown that he is good in the military’s political assemblage and can spend large sums on military equipment. They have also done the art of intimidating other countries properly. However, the Chinese President has not yet fought in tandem with his army.

Chang said that unfortunately it seems Jinping wants to prove something. As a result, he can launch another attempt to attack India, so that he can regain his lost status.

News Source: mvpnews

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