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Covid-19: Vaccination of children aged between 15 and 18 begins today



Covid-19: Vaccination of children aged between 15 and 18 begins today

Due to concerns about the new, highly-spreading Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, India is preparing to vaccinate the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) for the 15 to 18-year-old age group starting today. However, it should be noted that only Bharat Biotech’s locally manufactured vaccine “Covaxin” will be used to vaccinate this age group. According to the instructions sent by the Federal Ministry of Health to all states and federal territories, additional doses of Covaxin will be sent to the states for vaccination against such populations.

The government decided to start a vaccination campaign in this regard, which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Christmas Day last December. It is said that although vaccination for the 15-18 year old age group will start on January 3, 2022, the third preventive dose (booster injection) for vulnerable people will start on January 10. The Federal Ministry of Health stipulates that people born in 2007 or before will be eligible to vaccinate people between 15 and 18 years of age.

States have been asked to ensure that there are separate cohorts and vaccination teams for the 15-18 age group to avoid confusion with the vaccination process for all adults. Potential beneficiaries will start to register on the Co-WIN portal from January 1st; however, when the immunization campaign starts today, they can also choose to register at multiple vaccination centers (although limited). Although most existing vaccination centers will have separate cohorts starting today, states have also been told that they can choose to use some Covid Vaccination Centers (CVC) as “dedicated CVCs” specifically designed for children aged 15-18 . It should also be reflected in the Co-WIN application to ensure that there is no confusion when vaccinating different age groups.

It is also recommended that states ensure the positioning of vaccinators and members of the vaccination team who immunize children aged 15-18 years, and determine specific locations for vaccination. The states are further urged to make appropriate planning in advance so that Covaxin can be distributed to designated meeting locations.

Complete News Souce : Hindustan Times

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