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Nupur Sanon on how much she loves food and the routine she follows to remain fit



Nupur Sanon on how much she loves food and the routine she follows to remain fit

Nupur Sanon is an aspiring actress, singer and popular face in multiple videos and albums. She is also the sister of the famous Bollywood actress Kritri Sanon. During the special Halloween event “Cheesyween” organized by Taco Bell, Nupur Sanon had a candid chat with Nibedita Roy of Times Food, sharing her love of cheese food and her secrets to keep in shape.

Tell us your food choices? Entering this industry allows me to choose healthier foods. But as a gourmet, I like foods that are a bit unhealthy and rich in cheese. I have always been a cheese man, and I prefer to add a little cheese as a topping.

What is your secret to keeping in shape? I am a gourmet, and I can’t maintain a fashionable diet for too long. I believe that no matter what I eat, I need to burn it. So, my sacred secret to stay in shape is to go swimming or do HIIT exercises. I am really tired of lifting too much weight. So, I always try different methods to stay in shape.

What is your favorite cheese delicacy? I usually choose portion size and vulgar snacks, such as tacos or burrito bowls, or maybe healthy foods with cheesy toppings or cheesy dips with jalapenos. I usually don’t overeating.

What is your go-to binging favourite? cheesy jalapeno dipping sauce or simple salsa. Also, for things like Maggi, pasta or noodles, I just added some cheese to make it delicious.

What is your mantra for weight control? I will not sacrifice my cravings, but I make sure that if I am eating, I will burn it! In most cases, after the cheating day, I make sure that I start the day with a cup of black coffee the next morning, and then exercise or go to the gym. Food is really a motivation, you can’t stop living to stay in shape.

News Source: Times of India

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