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Police, central agencies must coordinate better: Amit Shah



Police, central agencies must coordinate better: Amit Shah

Federal Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, said on Friday that state police and central agencies must better coordinate and focus on coastal and border security in addition to cybercrime. “The Minister of the Interior emphasized the need to strengthen coordination between the national police and other central agencies…

He emphasized the need to pay attention to security-related issues, including coastal security, left-wing extremism, drug trafficking, cybercrime, and border area management,” the Ministry of Interior’s The statement said. The Shah is speaking at the 56th DGP/IGP meeting in Lucknow, and PM Narendra Modi will be present on Saturday. A three-day meeting is held each year to share best practices and determine the way forward between the state police and central agencies.

The Minister praised the role of the security forces in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. It added: “A wide range of internal security issues have been deliberated, including challenges posed by prison reform, radicalization and police training.”

The Shah also presented awards to representatives of the country’s top three police stations-New Delhi’s Sardar Bazaar, Gangapur in Odisha and Batu Karan in Haryana. This is the first time the event has been held in a mixed mode. DGP of each state/UT and DG of CAPF participated in the event held in Lucknow. Approximately 350 people attended the virtual meeting.

News Source : The Indian Express

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