Pubg Will Be Back In India Soon, Planning To Partnership With Jio

Pubg Will Be Back In India Soon, Planning To Partnership With Jio

In a massive unprecented move, the Government of India recently imposed a ban on 118 mobile apps of Chinese origin. PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular battle royale games on the mobile platform, was among them. This move jolted the PUBG Mobile community entirely.

As time passed, several reports emerged that the PUBG Corp was looking for an Indian partner to bring the game back to India. They also suggested that a new license agreement was in works with Indian gaming firms.

Pubg Talks With Jio

According to a report by The Hindu Business Line, PUBG Corporation has initiated talks with the Indian telecommunications company, Reliance Jio, to distribute the game in India. They Said ,

“The talks are in an early stage, which began just after the government’s second round of bans. Officials from both the sides are working out the contours of how to structure various aspects of the deal.”
Legal experts from both sides are exploring possibilities on how revenues should be split, whether it would be 50:50 or Jio guaranteeing PUBG revenues based on a fixed number of users every month. According to the report, an RIL spokesperson didn't wish to comment on the matter, while PUBG Corporation informed that they did not have any specific information on this issue.

This is massive news for fans of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. It will be worth seeing how things unfold in the near future.

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