Someone’s photography will remain suspended for 2 weeks: DGCA after Kangana case

Someone’s photography will remain suspended for 2 weeks: DGCA after Kangana case

The DGCA has shown tough stance on the violation of rules in the film actress Kangana Ranaut’s flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai. It says that if a flight violates the Rule 13 of the Aircraft Rules 1937, then the flight schedule on that route will be suspended for two weeks. It is associated with videography and photography in Rule Flight. Kangana Ranaut’s video in the flight also went viral.

The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said on Saturday that if someone was found to be photographing in a predetermined flight, the flight on that route would be suspended for two weeks. The DGCA was found to have found an alleged violation of safety and social distance protocol in a flight from Indigo to Chandigarh-Mumbai on Wednesday in which actress Kangana Ranaut also traveled. After this, the DGCA on Friday asked Indigo to take ‘appropriate action’.

According to a video of the developments within the plane on Wednesday, the reporter and the cameraman were seen shoving and crowding each other to get Ranaut’s response. The DGCA said in its order on Saturday, “It has been decided that from now on, if there is any such violation (photography) in a predetermined passenger aircraft, then the flight on that route will be for a period of two weeks from the next day. Will be suspended.

The DGCA said that it has now been decided that if any such scheduled passenger aircraft violates with safety standards, the flight on that route will be suspended for two weeks from the next day. It will be reinstated only when the airline takes stern action against those responsible for it. The DGCA has sent a copy of this order to all aviation companies, airport authorities and all other airport operators.

The DGCA had asked IndiGo to submit a report for alleged violation of security and social distance rules by media persons on its flight to Chandigarh-Mumbai. The incident happened when actress Kangana Ranaut traveled by flight. Indigo said that its pilot as well as crew members followed all the necessary rules, including prohibitions on taking photographs, following social distances and making announcements to maintain safety. Following the flight also followed the necessary procedure for preparing a record of the case.

News Source: PTI

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